About Us:

About SEAIE :

Sichuan Education Association for International Exchange (short-formed SEAIE) is a government- supported educational organization under the Education Department of Sichuan Province, China. Its primary mission is to promote internationalization of education in the region. One of its core services have been placing and managing international teachers and interns in schools and institutions in Sichuan Province and even some other parts of China. It has more than 20 years’ experience placing international teachers/interns and has placed over a thousand of them. Its international partners include American Peace Corps, English Language Institute China (ELIC), Lattitudes, Mennonite Partners (MPC), Friends of China, etc. The programs are sponsored by more than 60 domestic placement Chinese institutions, schools and kindergartens.

Scope of Work:

  • Employ, place and manage foreign teachers, experts and interns
  • Provide organization, coordination, mediation, and management services of related to foreign teacher matters
  • Innovate in the routines for foreign teacher management and service; create a good work environment for foreign teachers
  • Help foreign teachers and students to work or study in Western China
  • Offer procedural service and legal advice
  • Assist Chinese institutions and schools and municipal education departments to improve the management of foreign teachers and interns

Meet the SEAIE Team

Meat the SEAIE Team

Under the guidance and support of Education Department of Sichuan Province, we SEAIE team always try our best to satisfy each person who comes and teaches in China and we’re passionate about the experience of travel as much as the fun and satisfaction of teaching.

  • Mr. Cai Li

    Mr. Cai Li (Invited Chief Advisor)

    He is the Vice President and Secretary General of Sichuan Education Association for International Exchange (SEAIE) under the Sichuan Provincial Education Department and member of Chinese Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE) under the Chinese Ministry of Education, former Director of International Office of the Sichuan Provincial Education Department and Former Director of Education of the Chinese Embassy to Czech Republic, is a well-known member in the circle of international education and the education community as a whole throughout the province of Sichuan and even other parts of the country.

    He graduated with Master of Education from La Trobe University, Australia and is guest professor of Sichuan Normal University.

    Mr. Cai has managed and supervised, programs such as United States-China Friendship Volunteers (USCFV, Peace Corps China known in U.S.A), AFS (originally American Field Service), TEFL interns, SWT interns, ELIC (English Language Institute China) summer program, Lattitude interns, etc. He once was also involved in Friends of China, VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas and many other foreign teacher programs). He has rich experience in introduction and employment of foreign teachers and placement of teaching interns and familiar with the policies and the market.

  • Kevin Diao

    Kevin Diao

    Diao Weidong (Kevin), Deputy Secretary General of the Sichuan Education Association for International Exchange, with many years of experience dealing with school management and the placement of foreign teachers. His expertise involves strategic relationships with school faculty, educational institutes, and universities.

  • Leo


    Carmen graduated from Beijing International Study University as a English major student, and continued to do a Marketing Master degree at Stirling University in Scotland. Her academic background guarantees a good understanding of people, especially foreigners. She possesses a wealth of experience in international relations and communication. At Stirling University, she worked at the International office helping overseas students settle down. Her experience abroad gives her greater understanding of being a foreigner in a totally foreign country. After she came back to her hometown, she continually devotes herself into cross-cultural communication. As you can see communication and problem-solving are her key skills which allows her to handle all emergency situations. You know you can count on her.

  • Elvin

    Elvin Li

    Elvin is in charge of the overall operation of International Youth Teaching and Learning Programs(TeachDiscoverChina), including channel management, candidate placement and problem solving. She has 3 years of experience dealing with school management and the placement of foreign teachers, problem solving , visa processing.

  • Maggie zhang

    Maggie Zhang

    Maggie is responsible for the visa process for the program participants both in and out of China. She is also responsible for contacting the placement schools for feedback.

  • Nina cai

    Nina Cai

    Nina graduated from her master degree of linguistics in Sichuan International Studies University. The study of English language and linguistics enables her to know more about language itself as well as communication. Being one of the members of SEAIE, Nina is responsible for communicating with those candidates from all over the world. She is enthusiastic and patient in working. She also does translation paperwork, assists the foreign teachers with working visa application and so on.

  • Miya cao

    Miya Cao

    Miya is a postgraduate in Comparative Education at Sichuan Normal University. As a new foreign affairs officer, she is responsible for mail processing and communication with foreign teachers, and assisting foreign teachers to handle work visa and other related business.