Visa Guidance
Visa Guidance Our team are well experienced and have vast knowledge of each step of the visa application process for China, giving safe and reliable guidance.  Documents needed for Visa Application CV Passport style photos Your passport photo and information pages Your degree Your TEFL certificate A clean non-criminal record check Health Check A typed work permit application *Documents highlighted in yellow need to be authenticated!
Mandarin Course
Mandarin Course Courtesy of our partnership with Instant Mandarin, ten free 1-to-1 online Chinese lessons are provided to our successful candidates with professional certified tutors. The lessons are aimed to give you the best chance to learn Mandarin Chinese so you can settle comfortably in your new environment. The content of the course includes ordering food, asking for directions, basic etiquette etc.    Instant Mandarin is a professional 1-to-1 online Mandarin Chinese learning platform developed by esteemed education practitioners with resources from the Sichuan Education Association for International Exchange (SEAIE). 
TEFL Training
TEFL training  For TEFL candidates who join our internship program but do not have relevant work experience or a TEFL Certificate, we provide a free 120-hour TEFL course through our partners TEFL UK. The advantages of this TEFL course are as follows: Internationally recognised  Can help you find exciting TEFL jobs Can be done online from the comfort of your own home Curriculum is written by teachers for teachers Average time to complete the course is 3-4 weeks or even less depending on your pace    *Even if you have no plan to join our program yet, you can still enjoy a special discount off the TEFL UK course, contact us for more information.   
Social Program
Social Program  Putting the ‘Discover’ in ‘TeachDiscoverChina’ we want to make the experience of teaching English in China for all our candidates as exciting as possible. Hence, we run, besides our many benefits and generous salary packages, a social program to introduce you to life, tourist hotspots and Chinese culture in China. Trips and activities we’ve done in the past are as follows. Trip to the Giant Panda Base of Chengdu  Trip to Kuanzhai Alley  Trip to Wawu Mountain How to make Dumplings Session  Check out the following link to see how our candidates got on learning to make dumplings  https://www.teachdiscoverchina.com/index.php?m=&c=news&a=news_show&id=2  
Pre-employment training and t
Pre-employment training and troubleshooting According to the characteristics of Chinese curriculum, how to teach Chinese students English.
Orientation In order to make foreign teachers better adapt to the working and living environment in China and meet more like-minded people and make new friends, we’ve prepared an orientation program for those who have joined our program. This involves online pre-job training: Before foreign teachers arrive in China, we will have an online meeting. During the meeting, foreign teachers will be reminded of the basic precautions and necessities upon entering China, such as items they need to bring, the software they need to install, the weather conditions in China, possible emergency situations and handling methods, and safety issues.  *Currently orientation is only available for teachers on our TEFL program