Cycling on the Tianfu Greenway in Chengdu
23 Apr 2023

Do you like cycling, if so, Chengdu is a paradise for you. Today we’re going to talk about the Raocheng Greenway specifically built for citizens for cycling, running, jogging or for a nice stroll. 

Raocheng Greenway is named after the Raocheng Expressway which it is built alongside, the whole circle of this section of the greenway is about 100km as you can see below. It is the most popular cycling hotspot of the larger Tianfu Greenway network. People love to cycle this section in particular and so do I. 

The Tianfu Greenway project was initiated in 2017 with the aim of turning Chengdu into an environmentally and ecologically friendly livable ‘garden city’ and to boost health and fitness amongst citizens. This will be longest greenway in the world and once complete will have an incredible length of 16,900 kilometers. 


There are many entrances in different directions so wherever you are you can easily find an entrance to get on the Greenway. And there are 78 "one bridge, one scenery" landscape bridges built along the Greenway, connecting 121 characteristic ecological parks such as Guixi Ecological Park, Qinglong Lake Park and Jincheng Lake, providing beautiful natural scenery. A great place for budding photographers too. 

As a person who likes outdoor activities and cycling, and who has cycled the Greenway several times, I couldn’t recommend this experience more. I usually cycle with a public share bike, most people do as it’s most convenient and inexpensive. All you need to do is download one of the public share bike apps so you can unlock a bicycle whenever you feel like riding. 


The three most popular bike sharing are apps are as follows. Usually they are colour coded so you can easily find them on the street. 

-       HelloBike (哈啰) – Blue 

-       Meituan Bike (美团) – Yellow 

-       DiDi Bike (青桔) – Greeny turquoise colour 


I mostly use HelloBike, the bike sharing service from Alipay, as you can see in the image below. All you need to do is install the Alipay app and you can unlock a bike via clicking the ‘HelloBike’ section. The Alipay app is available in English too. 

Other options are the ‘DiDi Bike’ and ‘Meituan Bike’, which can be accessed via WeChat, which is the most popular app for foreigners in China. 


If you do plan on cycling on the Tianfu Greenway and giving yourself a good physical challenge, we’d like to give you some advice. Firstly it gets pretty busy on weekends or on public holidays, so if you prefer a smoother and safer ride, perhaps you can try on alternative days. Secondly especially if you’re riding in the summer, pay attention to sun protection and put some sun lotion on. It gets very hot in Chengdu during the summer months. Thirdly and most importantly just make sure you always keep yourself safe when riding. 

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