TEFL Internship in Nanchong
17 Nov 2023

Teaching Internship at University in Nanchong 

Spend one semester (4.5/5 months) teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) to Chinese students with an internship placement at a respectable university in Nanchong, Sichuan Province. Start you TEFL career, boost you teaching skills, get a taste of Sichuan! 

About the University

A key provincial high ranking education institution in Sichuan, the university has been striving over the past 6 decades to be ‘cornerstone in education in Sichuan Province, serving China’s Western regions as well as the rest of the country’. The education philosophy embodies teachers’ devotion to professional ethics and to the student in intellectual, professional, moral, cultural, social, and physical spheres. The school has evolved into a comprehensive normal university featuring teachers' education and development. 

Currently the university consists of two campuses, a new campus with a magnificent location and the original one with charming features, covering a total area of 2,500 mu with a developed area of 903,400 square meters. The university has many different kinds of functional classrooms, with an area of 104,000 square meters. An experimental building has an area of 110,000 square meters, including respective laboratory buildings for both Arts and Science colleges, college of Fine Art, college of Music, and a school-owned museum. In addition, two libraries house a total collection of 2,226,000 volumes and 7,740 varieties of magazines and newspapers. The university is fully equipped for extracurricular student life, from the student dormitories and five convenient dining halls or cafeteria, to various teaching and training facilities for physical education, including track-and –field stadiums, multifunctional gymnasiums, courts, playing fields and swimming pools.

About Nanchong City

Nanchong is located in the northeast of the Sichuan Basin. It is the second largest city in Sichuan Province in terms of its 7,282,500 population and is one of the top cities in economic strength in Sichuan and southwest China. It has jurisdiction over 3 districts (Shunqing District, Gaoping District, Jialing District), 5 counties (Yingshan County, Xichong County, Nanbu County, Peng 'an County, Yilong County), and 1 county-level city (Langzhong City); covering an area of 12,500 square kilometers.

Being situated by the middle reaches of the Jialing River, the city has been blessed with lush green surroundings. With a well-developed infrastructure and tourist facilities, Nanchong’s beautiful picturesque scenery combining traditional Chinese elements with modern-day amenities makes it one of the more appealing tourist destinations in China. The city is famed as being largest silk industrial center in Sichuan, known for its beautiful patterns and great quality, so much so that tourists usually go to the local silk market to purchase sulk as a travel gift. 

A cradle of Chinese Three Kingdoms culture, Nanchong is the home of author Chen Shou, writer of the classic ‘History of the Three Kingdoms’ the first book to narrate stories that happened during such times (220-280). Famed general Zhang Fei of the Three Kingdoms died in Langzhong of Nanchong, his memorial can be visited in Lanzhong Ancient City, one of the highlights of Nanchong tourism. Here you can find thousands of historical buildings from the Ming and Qing Dynasties including Zhang Fei Temple and Yong-an Temple. There are many very special snack shops throughout the ancient city where you can enjoy the great taste of Sichuan. A wander around and you’ll see paper-cuttings and shadow puppets, it’s a great place to appreciate Sichuan folk culture. 

Key Tourist Attractions:
Langzhou Ancient City
Lingyun Mountain Scenic Area 
Xishan Scenic Area
Zhu De’s Hometown 
Huaguang Building 
Cruise through the Jialing River
Yuping Park 
Wanglong Lake 

If you’re interested in our English teaching internship in Nanchong, please send your CV/resume and a short introduction video about yourself to our email [email protected] 

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