Updated Policy for Entering China
20 Dec 2022

Finally we have some good news for foreign workers who want to enter China! Looser restrictions and a simplified process. 




Recently, the Chinese government has released "Twenty measures" to optimize the epidemic prevention and control work. Do you know what that means?

That's right! The entry process to China has been simplified!

Today we'll look at some of the most immediate and relevant changes.






Quarantine period


7 days centralized quarantine +3 days of home health monitoring


5 days centralized quarantine +3 days home quarantine


The destination should not be quarantined repeatedly. Nucleic acid testing should be conducted once on the first, second, third and fifth days of centralized medical observation, and once on the first and third days of home medical observation.


Nucleic acid proof before boarding


Two negative nucleic acid tests within 48 hours before boarding


One negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours before boarding

*Covid tests in transit are no longer required if within 48 hours.


Positive determination criteria




If you have been infected, stay at home for three days and two tests, code management, and stay indoors.

Circuit Breaker

The ‘circuit breaker’ policy meant that flights were suspended based on the number positive tests of flight passengers. 

There will be no more circuit breaker, no more Covid flight bans





This is all great news and big step forwards! As the quarantine policy has been adjusted to reduce the number of days in centralized quarantine, some employers will now even consider subsidizing candidates or even paying all the expenses for their quarantine upon arrival in China. 


Important business personnel, sports groups, etc are "point-to-point" transferred to the isolation-free closed-loop management area (" closed-loop bubble "), so that some international events will be less likely to be cancelled. It is reported that the Chengdu University Games, which has been cancelled many times, will be finally held in 2023, which is a big event we have been looking forward to.


The biggest news is the cancellation of the inbound flight circuit breaker!!


This means that more flights to China will gradually resume, the ticket price will be reduced to a large extent, and you will not have to worry too much about the situation that you can't depart after booking the ticket.


If you need advice about coming to work in China, feel free to contact us at [email protected]


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